Everything we buy including televisions, DVD players, stereos, cameras and computers comes with owner’s manuals as guides for their operation. Yet the most powerful device we have at our disposal, our mind, does not. This seminar focuses on the application of the power of our mind to creating innovative solutions to organizational challenges and then implementing them. The seminar continually focuses on obtaining maximum creative output from our minds as a key tool in organizational improvement.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Properly Blend Creative and Logical Thinking

· Identify Obstacles to Creative Thinking

· Think Out of the Box

· Examine Unwritten Rules which Limit Our Thinking

· Increase their Ability to Generate Innovation

· Seek Sources of Inspiration for Creative Thinking

· Overcome the Fear of Failure

· Manage the Process of Problem Solving


· Understanding Left Brain and Right Brain Thinking

· Proper Combination of Creative and Logical Thought

· Regaining Our Lost Creativity

· Challenging the Rules

· The Role of Failure in Innovation

· Playing Instead of Working

· Creating an Idea Generating Environment

· Exploring for Ideas

· Manipulating Ideas Like an Artist

· Evaluating Ideas Like a Judge

· Carrying Ideas into Action Like a Warrior

· Characteristics of Creative Problem Solvers

· The Critical Importance of Persistence

· Motivation and Creativity

· The Process of Learning, Unlearning and Relearning