The new buyer is responsible for the smooth flow of materials and the effective provision of services to the organization. At the same time he/she is responsible for ensuring quality, reducing purchase prices and lowering administrative overheads. This seminar covers all the major aspects of the purchasing function and provides buyers with the latest tools and techniques for improving purchasing performance.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Become a More Productive Buyer

· Save the Organization Money by Being More Skillful

· Find and Utilize the Best Suppliers

· Effectively Manage Supplier Performance

· Meet Difficult Purchasing Challenges

· Negotiate for Positive Results

· Better Draft Purchase Orders and Contracts

· Use Purchasing Techniques to Reduce Inventories


· The Mission of the Purchasing Department

· The Purchasing Department Interface with Other Departments

· Buyer Skills Development

· Purchasing Ethics

· The Impact of the Internet on Purchasing

· Purchasing Best Practices

· Reducing Costs in Inventory Management

· Supplier Evaluation and Selection

· Supplier Management

· Obtaining the Best Possible Price

· Managing the Transportation Aspect of Purchasing

· The Legal Aspects of Purchasing

· Drafting Purchase Orders and Agreements

· Remedies for Supplier Non-Performance

· Negotiation Skills Development