Unleashing Organizational Power

1. Culture

A healthy organizational culture must be supported and enhanced. To some an organization is a chart with layers and boxes on a piece of paper. A better view is that it is a Family of People. The family may consist of 100 members or 50,000 or even 300,000. In a healthy family everyone is respected, their ideas are valued and they respond accordingly. People are respected not because of rank but because they are a member of the family.

2. Leaders

Leaders sharpen their skills in the art of situational leadership and know which style to select in any given situation whether it be Tell, Sell, Consult, Participate or Delegate. Leaders become more effective when their style is dictated by the situation and not just their personality.

3. Managers

Managers rely more on Communication and Commitment instead of Command and Control to get the job done. People accomplish tasks because they WANT TO not because they HAVE TO. Managers become more effective when they have the support of their people and not just grudging acceptance of orders.

4. Sociotechnical Management

Everyone in a supervisory role develops a deep understanding of Sociotechnical management. The technical aspects of the business (machinery, equipment, hardware, software, financials, materials, etc.) are managed with one mindset while flesh and blood human beings are managed with a totally different mindset. 100 Boeing 777s are basically the same and their utilization managed accordingly. 100 airline employees are far from the same and their unique personalities require different management approaches.

5. Communication

The communication process is transformed. Fear of speaking out is eliminated. People display candor in the meeting room instead of remaining silent and speaking out in the parking lot. Managers are self confident to the point where they tell their people to Push Back (tell the manager what is wrong with his/her idea or tell the manager that they have a better idea). Disagreement is dealt with in a positive fashion. Everyone learns that disagreement does not equal disrespect. People debate ideas and refrain from personal attacks. They learn how to Disagree without being Disagreeable.

6. Motivation

The Motivation of all people is taken to a higher level as a result of the way they are treated. Each person is recognized for their personal talents and contributions. They are made to feel that they are part of something special. When people are just showing up to collect a paycheck the organization is only obtaining the benefit of a minimum amount of their skills, talents and efforts. When people feel good about themselves and they feel they are part of something special these feelings can help generate maximum performance on the part of each and every individual.

7. Negativity

Workplace negativity is dealt with as a critical issue. Negativity is like a virus that can sweep through the organization. Black hat thinkers can damage motivation, cripple communication and destroy good ideas. Negative people are given the opportunity to adjust their attitudes. Failing that they are given the opportunity to find another organization to be part of. Positive people ZAP (give positive energy to) those around them. Negative people SAP (drain energy from) those around them.

8. People Development

People Development is made an absolute priority. Each and every person is given all the support necessary to ensure that they become all they can be. A key element in this regard is ongoing training to further their skills and capabilities beyond their present capacity. The goal here is to realize and capitalize on the full potential of each and every employee.

9. Consulting

Consulting services are utilized to bring in fresh perspectives and fresh ideas. Every organization faces the dangers of developing groupthink or tunnel vision. While blinkers can work to the benefit of a racehorse they are detrimental to an organization. Inputs from a different paradigm can spark creative thinking in terms of both new initiatives and solutions to existing problems.

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