Effective leadership and productive teamwork are essential to the success of the modern organization. However, just because a person is in a position of authority does not make him/her a leader. Just because a group of people has been assembled does not make them a team. Being an effective leader is a significant challenge in today’s global environment of complexity and rapid change. Building an effective team is also a significant challenge in the face of different personality types, levels of motivation and skills. This seminar focuses on developing leadership skills and effective teamwork as key contributors to improved organizational performance.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Understand and Meet the Challenges of Leadership

· Employ 21st Century Leadership Tools

· Examine Winning and Losing Approaches to Leadership

· Build on Their Leadership Strengths

· Frame the Goals of Teamwork

· Examine Effective and Ineffective Team Behaviors

· Manage Conflict Constructively

· Properly Blend Individual Styles into a Team


· The Leadership Challenge

· Moving from Old Style to New Style Leadership

· Leadership Tasks and Responsibilities

· Separating Leadership from Management

· The Leader as a Coach

· The Leader as a Great Synthesizer

· Leadership Values

· Leadership Secrets of Jack Welch

· The Leader as Change Agent

· The Goals of Teamwork

· Ineffective Vs. Effective Team Operations

· Building Effective Teams

· Managing Conflict for Positive Results

· Successful Team Norms

· Understanding Team Member Styles

· Team Member Competencies

· Management Paradigms and Teamwork Support