We live in a world of ever increasing change. As a result the need for effective leadership in the organization has never been greater. Strong leadership is necessary not only for the management of the organization but also for the maintenance and development of the organizational culture. Today’s manager must face a complex set of organizational challenges and provide effective solutions. This seminar is designed to give experienced managers the opportunity to examine their leadership style and enhance their leadership skills.


By the end of the seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Evaluate their Own Skills and Abilities as a Leader

· Plan to Improve their Management Competency

· Use New Creative Leadership Approaches

· Motivate People to Obtain their Best

· Build Strong, Productive Teams

· Better Manage the Process of Change

· Strengthen their Coaching Skills

· Make Effective Use of Delegation


· 21st Century Leadership Values

· Paradigm Shift-Old vs. New Leadership Ideas

· Characteristics of a Purposeful Leader

· Leadership Secrets of Jack Welch

· Leading Change Initiatives

· Strategic Management of Change

· Building Effective Teams

· Understanding Team Member Styles

· The Importance of Sociotechnical Management

· Theories of Motivation

· Coaching for Superior Performance

· Gaining the Benefits of Delegation

· Leadership Skills Analysis

· Improving Communication Impact

· Self-Assessment

· Leading Different Personality Types