This seminar has been designed to give new managers the skills necessary to succeed in their new positions. As newly appointed managers begin to function in their new roles they realize very quickly that a new set of skills is necessary in addition to the task knowledge and skills they developed in their previous position. To a much greater extent than before their success depends upon being able to obtain productive output from others as opposed to working in a hands on manner.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Obtain Positive Results through the Efforts of Others

· Develop Action Plans and Carry Them Out in an Effective Manner

· Coach their Subordinates for Improved Performance

· Maintain Effective Continuing Communication with their People

· Balance Multiple Demands on their Time

· Work Productively with their Boss

· Personally Grow in the Role of a Manager


· The Role of the Manager

· Characteristics of an Ideal Manager

· 9 Traits of a Good Decision Maker

· Know Your Own Personal Style

· Know Your Boss’s Style

· Effective Communication and Active Listening

· Motivation Theories and Techniques

· The Coaching Process

· Coping with Stress

· Why Managers Fail

· Balancing Task Achievement-Teambuilding-Personal Development

· Delegating for Productive Results

· Managing the Performance Appraisal Process

· Planning for Managerial Development