Every organization whether large corporation, small business, government, military or nonprofit possesses untapped potential. This potential exists in the form of the capacity for further development of the members of your staff.

More than ever before organizations realize that their most important asset is their people. They also realize that an investment in human capital development can produce a very high rate of return.

High Quality In-House Training

At Nightingale Associates we provide high quality in house training that has an immediate impact on the productivity of your people. Participants are provided with tools and techniques which enable them to significantly enhance their personal effectiveness. They are encouraged to examine the mindsets they are utilizing in carrying out their responsibilities and update or replace them as necessary.

Nightingale Associates began operations in 1984 in the World Trade Center in New York City. In the early 1990s we moved to the suburbs of Washington, D. C.

In the United States we have had the opportunity to work in our seminars with executives from many of the most important companies in the country including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Corning, Abbott Labs, Johnson & Johnson, Mobil Oil, SAS Institute, EMI Music, Polaroid, Diebold, Tiffany, Siemens Medical, Hercules, General Electric, Allied Signal, Lucent, Boeing, Westinghouse, Philip Morris, Oracle, J D Edwards, Proctor & Gamble, MCI, US West, Nestle, Disney, United Technologies, Xerox, Merck, Engelhard, Alcoa, Giant Food, MBNA, Florida Power, Caterpillar, Raytheon, Circuit City, Bausch & Lomb and Motorola.

Outside the United States we have conducted seminars and projects in Canada, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, China, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Anguilla, Jamaica, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

We have developed and utilize literally hundreds of management training modules. As a result seminars can be readily customized to meet your specific requirements.

Listed below are a select few of our in house management training seminars. These can be presented at the location of your choice throughout the world.

In-House Management Training Seminars