Providing superior customer service sets an organization apart from its peers. However superior customer service does not just somehow happen. It is the result of an optimum combination of strategy, systems and people. It is produced by performing many of the fundamental tasks of the organization in a consistently outstanding fashion. This seminar will focus on what it takes to consistently provide superior customer service and thereby set our organization apart from the rest.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Establish a Base to Provide Excellent Customer Service

· Manage All the Critical “Moments of Truth”

· Analyze the Level of Customer Service Provided by their Organization

· Elevate the Attitude and Performance of Front Line Personnel

· Understand the Psychology of Customer Needs

· Benefit from Customer Complaints

· Create a Positive Customer Service Environment

· Build a Customer Driven Organization


· Customer Service at Its Best

· The Customer Service Worksheet

· Sociotechnical Management-Balancing Attitude and Skills

· The Service Triangle-Strategy, Systems and People

· Meeting Customer Needs

· Dealing with Difficult Customers

· Handling Customer Complaints

· Customer Service Leadership Requirements

· Creating the Right Environment

· Developing Customer Service Abilities

· Getting Close to the Customer

· Creating a Customer Service Vision

· Measuring the Right Things

· Being the Best