The supervisor is the first level of management. As such he/she is on the front line in terms of getting results from the staff. The supervisor has moved from being a skilled hands on worker to someone responsible for planning, delegating, monitoring, gaining commitment, training, coaching and counseling. The skill sets required to be successful as a supervisor are far beyond what was necessary for success before. This seminar focuses on the skills and techniques required for success as a supervisor.


By the end of this seminar participants will have considered how to:

· Become a More Effective Supervisor

· Work More Effectively with their Boss

· Communicate More Effectively with their Staff

· Obtain the Commitment and Cooperation of their Staff

· Develop their Problem Solving Skills

· Obtain Positive Results

· Build Effective Teamwork

· Develop Each Individual that Works for Them


· Supervisory Responsibilities

· Old Vs. New Ideas Regarding Supervision

· Planning for Results

· Communicating Effectively

· Gaining Cooperation and Commitment

· Motivating to Get the Best from Your Staff

· Counseling and Coaching

· Generating Performance Improvement

· Dealing with the Pressures of the Job

· Supervisory Roles and Skills

· Why Supervisors Fail

· Building Your Team

· Performance Appraisal and Employee Development

· Dealing with Unsatisfactory Performance

· Developing Your Leadership Skills